Foot Pain

nerve pain on top of foot

Feeling Nervous Over Nerve Problems

Take a guess at how many steps you take a day? Seriously, just guess. You may be shocked in finding out that the typical person takes anywhere between five thousand to ten thousand steps every day. So obviously, our feet are definitely subject to stress, which is mostly put upon […]

Types of Foot Pain

Checking the Signs for Foot Pain

The foot is an extremely complex part of the body. The foot consists of one hundred and twenty fix muscles, nerves and ligaments, twenty-six bones, and thirty-three joints. However, foot pain is a major problem today, even though very, very few people are actually born with problems that would cause […]

foot pain while running

Causes of Foot Pain While Running

So, you’re someone that likes to run, and you like to run a lot. That’s great, except your running is causing you to be in a lot of pain. Why would you have foot pain while running? What causes the foot pain and, most importantly, how can you make it […]